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Lessons and classroom activities teach students about transportation options, traffic safety, and climate change. The lessons can be incorporated into health, environment, social science, math, and physics curricula. Many Safe Routes to School Programs in the Bay Area, the state of California, and nationally have developed lesson plans to engage students about safety, transportation options, and climate change.

Bike and Pedestrian Safety Lesson Plans from the Bay Area:

  • K-5 Educator Guide - from Alameda County’s Safe Routes to School program, this guide offers multiple resources to implement safe routes to school programs

  • Safety Curriculum - from Marin County Safe Routes to School, this curriculum provides step-by-step instructions for Pedestrian Safety (2nd grade), Bicycle Safety (4th Grade), and Advanced Bicycle Safety (6th grade)

  • Safe Moves  - a nonprofit organization providing traffic safety education for teens, including traffic and driver awareness programs

  • Cycles of Change Safe Routes to School program - provides bicycle safety training for 4th through 8th grade students in Alameda County

Transportation and Climate Change Lesson Plans from the Bay Area:

  • Protect Your Climate Curriculum - curriculum from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District with 16 lessons for 4th and 5th grade students

  • Activity Guides from Aquarium of the Bay- explores climate change lessons with students

Lesson Plans from Outside the Bay Area:


Spare the Air Youth is a Climate Initiatives Program


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