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School assemblies are festive whole school or grade gatherings held in a large common space like the auditorium, gym, or cafeteria. They provide a key venue to share information, build community momentum to work towards a common goal. School assemblies are a great way to kick off a program or new Challenge or Contest at a school. 

Resources for assemblies about climate change, traffic safety, bicycle and walking:

  • Alliance for Climate Education has a free Climate Change Assembly for high schools. It provides a straightforward explanation of climate change and a call-to-action for students to get involved in Green Teams and climate groups in schools

  • Street Smarts Diablo in Contra Costa County is an entertaining educational assembly providing bicycle safety education to elementary and middle schools, with evening Start Smart teen driving and rules of the road programs

  • Educational theater programs are offered by Kaiser Permanente for free, including "The Best Me" Assembly about healthy eating and active living

  • Cool the Earth's "Adopt a Polar Bear" online program teaches students in grades K-5 about climate change and empowers them to lead their families in taking action. This online program is an adaptation of their in-person school assembly program that has been running for over a decade, and is available in English and Spanish.


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