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Submit your video to our Plan Bay Area 2050 Video Challenge!* and you could win a $100 gift card to an electronics store!

Pick your favorite Plan Bay Area 2050 strategy and film yourself — ideally at a spot in your neighborhood — and tell us why you love the strategy you picked and how it will improve your life, your neighborhood, our region or the environment of the Bay Area and beyond. Learn More about Plan Bay Area below.

Your story and input can make a difference! The videos will be shared directly with government officials and decision makers.

We want to hear what is most important to YOU, your family and friends regarding ways to address the climate crisis and improve the quality of the air we breathe, how we move around and where we live. Take a look at the following sample videos to get an idea of what we're looking for:

Fill out your contact information and submit your video by July 23, 2021. The submission link will send your video file to Charlie Simpson.

Plus, by entering the challenge you could win one of three $100 gift cards to an electronics store so you can get some new video or audio equipment like a selfie stick, smartphone gimbal, iOS Mic, and more!

How to Participate in the Video Challenge!

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For example, if you live near the bay, you might choose the strategy to help reduce the impacts of climate hazards, like sea level rise, by protecting the people who live, work, and travel near the bay and ocean and supporting vulnerable populations. Or if you want safer and more comfortable options to get around, you may choose the strategy to build streets that safely serve everyone, whether they’re walking, bicycling, or driving.

Learn more about the strategies and choose one to speak to using the information below.



Think about why you chose your strategy and how it might change how you, your friends and your family experience life in the future.



Find a spot outside — in your backyard, your neighborhood, a park; just get creative — and film yourself responding to the questions: What’s your favorite Plan Bay Area 2050 strategy and how will it benefit you and your community? Please refer to the link here for tips on how to make your video.



Fill out your contact information through the submission form and upload your video using the submission link. The submission link will send your video file to Charlie Simpson.

*If you are under 18, you need your parent’s/legal guardian’s permission to submit a video. You must provide a parent’s/legal guardian’s email address in order to submit a video. For complete details, read the Plan Bay Area 2050 Video Challenge — Official Rules. All persons appearing in the video must sign a Photo/Video Release in order for your video to be included in the final Video Tour. For drawing details, see the Plan Bay Area 2050 Video Challenge — Official Rules.

What is Plan Bay Area 2050?

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Plan Bay Area 2050 is a plan that aims to improve the lives of everyone who lives, works, plays and goes to school in the Bay Area and focuses on the areas of transportation, housing, the environment and the economy.

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) are working to ensure that by 2050, the Bay Area is more affordable, connected, diverse, vibrant and healthy for all!

The plan includes 35 bold strategies that advance equity and resilience in order to guide the Bay Area over the next 30 years for YOU — the next generation! Learn what we are doing NOW to fight the climate crisis, make the Bay more affordable and connected, and ensure there are plenty of education and job opportunities in the future. As you think of what you want the Bay Area to look like in 2050, we want to hear your priorities for the future of the Bay Area!

Video Challenge Tips

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For the Plan Bay Area 2050 Video Challenge, take a video of yourself telling us which strategy is your favorite and how it will benefit you or your community. We will then put all the videos together to make a video tour of people’s favorite Plan Bay Area 2050 strategies and the diverse ways in which they will enhance and benefit neighborhoods and communities across the Bay Area.

Your video doesn’t have to be perfectly shot or edited, and you can just use a simple smartphone camera to record it.

Below are just a few tips to keep in mind when filming your video.

When filming, hold your phone horizontally and not vertically, as then the final video will fill up the entire screen when we watch it.

Pick a place outside to film your video. If you can find a spot that is relevant to your strategy, excellent! If not, just try to prioritize being outside as opposed to filming yourself in front of a computer. The goal is to make the videos fun to watch!
In your video, tell us your name, where you are located, and which Plan Bay Area 2050 strategy is your favorite and why. Then tell us how the strategy would benefit you, your community or the Bay Area. Take a look at these sample videos to get an idea of what we're looking for.
If you don’t want your face to be in the video, that’s totally fine, but make sure when filming your favorite place and talking about it that you hold your phone close enough to your mouth so that we can hear what you’re saying. All submittals must have a waiver for each person shown in the video in order to be entered into the raffle and to use the footage in any public facing video.
Try to keep the video to no more than 30 seconds.
Once you have filmed your video, simply fill out your contact information HERE and upload your video HERE. The submission link will send your video file to Charlie Simpson.

Additional Resources

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Want to learn more about Plan Bay Area 2050? Check out the resources below!


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