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Shaping the Future of the Bay Area

Thank you to the students who submitted videos for the Plan Bay Area 2050 Video Challenge!

The Video Challenge invited students and their families to submit a short video or statement telling us about their favorite Draft Plan Bay Area 2050 strategy and how it would benefit them, their community, or the Bay Area. The goal of the challenge was to get youth’s feedback on the 35 Draft Plan strategies. Submissions were accepted from May 17 to July 23, 2021, and students also were invited to submit written comments on the Draft Plan.

We couldn’t be more impressed with how thoughtful and insightful each submission was. By adding their voice to Plan Bay Area 2050, these students are helping to shape the future of the Bay Area. The videos were shared directly with elected officials and decision makers to demonstrate why Plan Bay Area 2050 is important to students’ futures.

Grab some popcorn and enjoy the fantastic videos submitted by students from throughout the San Francisco Bay Area!


“My favorite strategy is promoting affordable housing because it helps improve economic access, equity, and helps build stronger communities.”
Deyi Z., Alameda County


“My favorite strategy is economic revitalizations that would refresh the way our workers think and work in a new global, green, and open economy. Job training is desperately required to create this new worldview and ensure that our state and country stays economically competitive.”
Ann O., Alameda County


“My favorite strategy is transportation and public transit improvements. By bolstering this infrastructure, the Bay Area will be more open to tourists and others, in addition to everyday residents who no longer have to own cars in order to move around. This makes life easier, cheaper, and just better.”
Joseph K., Alameda County
“My favorite strategy is improved safety through public transit improvements. I am worried about rising crime, and increased resources will make my community better. Environmental factors like greener emissions and infrastructure are also important because the world is warming and I want to ensure we do our part to improve.”
Deb E., Alameda County

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