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Promoting specific days for families to walk and bike to school is a great way to celebrate the many benefits of active transportation as part of a school-sponsored event. It may encourage participation from families who cannot walk and roll daily, but may be able to do so once a week or once a month. Event days, especially those with themes, build excitement among students, parents and teachers. Events like International Walk to School Day and Bike to School Day are celebrated all over the country and beyond, which can help the school community feel like they are part of a bigger movement.

The Walk & Roll to School Days Guidebook breaks down planning an event into eight simple steps. 

The success of an event or program may depend on volunteers’ commitment to Safe Routes to School. Use the Parent Champion Volunteer Programs Guidebook and the San Mateo County Office of Education's Parent and Community Empowerment Toolkit to learn about how a volunteer’s commitment can help programs thrive.


Open Streets

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Open Streets are events that temporarily close streets to automobile traffic so people can use them for walking, biking, playing, and getting to know their neighbors. These events create a safe and fun space to practice active transportation, explore neighborhoods, and build healthy communities. Originating from Ciclovía in Bogotá, Columbia and Seattle Bicycle Sundays in Washington, Open Streets initiatives have spread to over 100 US cities.

Walk & Roll to School Days

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A Walk & Roll to School Day is a special event that encourages students and their parents to try walking, bicycling, or other non-motorized ways to get to school. There are two annual events that are celebrated internationally:

  • International Walk to School Day is celebrated on the first Wednesday in October.

  • Bike to School Day is the first Wednesday in May, and celebrations can last all month long as part of Bike Month.

Walking School Buses & Bike Trains

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Walking school buses and bike trains are formed when a group of children accompanied by one or more adults walk or bike together to school. Routes can originate from a particular neighborhood or, in order to include children who live too far to bicycle, begin from a park, parking lot, or other meeting place (a park-and-walk). As the walking school bus continues on the route to school, the group can pick up students at designated meeting locations.

Park and Walk

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A Park and Walk program encourages families to park several blocks from school and walk the rest of the way to school. Children arriving on school buses can also be part of this program. 


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Watch videos below to learn how students and organizations are using events and programs to encourage sustainable transportation and improve their commute.


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