Do you work with high school students who are interested in being climate leaders? Get Involved with the Spare the Air Youth High School Engagement Program to encourage innovative activities led by High School Students that have the potential to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from sources related to transportation.

The High School Engagement Program includes:

Quarterly High School Working Group Meetings

Members of the STAY Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) join in quarterly calls to discuss current topics of interest or concern to high school students. The meetings are hosted by Alta Planning + Design and are intended to provide a space for conversations and peer support for youth-oriented program practitioners region-wide. TAC and High School Working Group meetings are open to anyone. Email [email protected] to be notified of upcoming meetings.

Spare the Air Youth High School Grant Program

Spare the Air Youth manages a High School Grant program to support the creation and expansion of high school programming throughout the Bay Area. The vision of this program is to deepen SRTS and other shared transportation encouragement and education efforts in high schools across the region. Grants have been awarded for 2020-2023. Find out more about the program on the High School Grant program webpage.

High School Engagement Program Goals

The main goals of Spare the Air Youth’s High School outreach include:

  1. Increase peer-to-peer encouragement for active and shared transportation options for a diverse group of students

    • Enable students of color, students who identify as women, trans, and/or non-binary, and students from lower income backgrounds to participate in the program.

    • Provide geographically-distributed participation around the San Francisco Bay Area.

  2. Increase opportunities for students to learn leadership skills through a service-learning approach

    • Support local student groups in implementing education/outreach programs to reduce drive-alone trips and educate their peers about the benefits of active transportation.

    • Teach students how to collect and calculate data from C02 reductions and impacts.

  3. Increase youth leadership development throughout the region

    • Increase high school student involvement in environmental/sustainability-related clubs.

    • Provide opportunities for student-led initiatives and campaigns.

  4. Partner with the STAY Technical Advisory Committee and Regional Working Groups to foster innovative new programs and engage more students throughout the Bay Area.


Spare the Air Youth is a Climate Initiatives Program


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