Liability Resources

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Liability can be a serious concern when starting a program or organizing an event. Event organizers and participants should be aware of potential safety concerns and organizers should be prepared with an emergency plan. 

Personal Safety

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Personal safety concerns from students, parents, and school staff may be significant depending on the community. Program coordinators and participants should be aware of possible threats to students traveling to and from school or being physically active in their communities. Program coordinators should also be proactive in acknowledging potential perceived safety concerns from parents in the community.

Crossing Guards

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School safety patrols are trained student volunteers responsible for enforcing drop-off and pick-up procedures for students using any form of transportation to get to school. Student safety patrols may assist students as they cross the street but they do not stop vehicular traffic; instead they look for breaks in traffic that allow students to cross.

Parent Surveys

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Evaluation of the Safe Routes to School program is important to gauge program effectiveness, identify needed improvements, and support program continuity. Evaluation can measure shifts in travel behavior, changes in attitudes toward biking and walking, awareness of the Safe Routes to School program, grant money received, and projects completed.

Student Hand Tallies

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Student Hand Tallies are a quick and effective way of gathering data from a transportation-related program or activity. Teachers, program staff, and/or volunteers can go to classrooms at participating schools and ask students how they get to school.

Video Production

Submitted by sydneyherbst on Fri, 06/04/2021 - 16:05

Safe Routes to School practitioners are increasingly using virtual and video formats to engage with students and their communities. Use the resources on this page to learn about videography best practices, and simple tips to help you develop compelling video content.


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