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Schools that have had success with special events often expand them into regular activities that occur on a regular basis, such as "Wednesday Walk to School" or "Walk and Roll Friday." Walking school buses, bicycle trains, and park and walk activities are all ongoing encouragement activities. These weekly and monthly events help to institutionalize positive behaviors and multiply the benefits of the activities, enabling walking and biking to become the preferred mode of travel from home to school.

The calendar below illustrates timely Safe Routes to School messages that may be used throughout the Year.


Month Event days / seasonal themes Messages
August Back to School “Walk and Roll your way back to school! The start of the school year is a great time to reimagine how you get to school.”
September Carpool Week “Let’s get together and carpool! Save time and meet your neighbors by sharing the ride”
October International Walk to School Day “Walk with your neighbors for International Walk to School Day and consider starting or joining a walking school bus!”
November Time Change “Turning back the clocks means there are different levels of light in the morning and afternoon. Make sure to drive slowly as it may be harder to spot students walking and biking.”
January Safe Driving Awareness “We take time to brake for our kids. It’s important to drive safely and slowly around schools. Share these safe driving tips with your school.”
February - March Golden Sneaker Events, Winter Walk to School Day, Step into Spring “The race is on to see which has the most students who walk or bike to school- and win the Golden Sneaker Award. Live too far away? Carpool or park a ¼ mile away and walk the rest of the way.”
April Earth Day “Today is Earth Day, a day to celebrate the environment. Try getting to school using a “green” mode!”
May Bike Month / National Bike to School Day “May is Bike Month! Pump up your tires and get ready to roll to school

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