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A Safety Campaign is an organized initiative that increases motorists' awareness of students walking and bicycling. It can include promotional materials, events, infrastructure changes, and/or increased enforcement. A traffic safety campaign can be targeted near schools or in a larger area to address traffic safety throughout a community or city. 

Safety campaign examples:

  • San Mateo County has developed Street Smart yard signs (in English and Spanish) to encourage drivers to adhere to safe driving behaviors.

  • The North Fair Oaks community in San Mateo County has a bilingual safety campaign that reminds residents to “Look Out” for each other while traveling.

  • Vision Zero campaigns aim to eliminate all traffic-related deaths. The City of Sacramento developed a Vision Zero traffic safety campaign, stating that in their city, safety is “homegrown.” 


San Mateo County Safety Campaign

San Mateo county safety campaign: bus side reads 'look out for eachother'



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