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On July 2nd, Safe Routes to Schools practitioners across the Bay Area met to discuss topics relevant to back to school during COVID-19. One of the ideas was to establish sub-working groups to dive deeper into specific topics. The sub-working groups will be facilitated by practitioners, and the structure will be decided upon by participants. The groups will meet independently and report back findings during quarterly Spare the Air Youth advisory meetings.

Fill out this online form if you’re interested in being connected with any of the following working groups:

  • Slow Streets and Engineering Improvements - How can Bay Area cities promote slow streets around school campuses and other quickbuild engineering improvements to create more space for families to walk and bike to school when it reopens, and prevent mode slip? This group can also discuss how to hold virtual school walk audits or other methods to engage schools and families in physical improvements needed around the school campus.
  • Virtual Education Strategies - How can Safe Routes programming shift to the virtual realm? This will include talking about combatting Zoom fatigue for students, and discussing strategies such as online scheduling platforms. This group can also discuss how to work with principals and school staff to find time for Safe Routes learning in the school day.
  • Grants and Funding Support - How can Safe Routes-focused organizations shift current grant funding to respond to the current school environment, and what are future funding sources that organizations can target to support their work.
  • Data Collection and Evaluation - Data collection for Safe Routes has historically focused on student travel surveys. What will SRTS data collection and evaluation look like this Fall and Spring with a reliance on remote education?
  • Walk and Roll to School 2020 - Help re-imagine what International Walk and Roll to School Day 2020 will look like for the schools that you work with. How can this event be shifted to fit the current public health constraints while still celebrating students walking and biking in their neighborhoods?

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