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Submit your climate story!

Although the YES Conference was postponed for this year, Spare the Air Youth wants students and families everywhere to engage in climate change conversations. STAY has partnered up with Eco2School for an inspirational climate story share contest!

How does it work?

Teens ages 13-19 are eligible to participate. Share your story before May 18, 2020 for a chance to win prizes. Learn more and participate using this link

What is Eco2School?

Eco2School is a youth, climate, and leadership program that encourages students to take green ways to school and/or use alternative low-carbon commute options.

Why a story share contest?

80% of people believe in climate change, yet only 65% talk about it.

We must break this spiral of silence. Talking about climate change in your community, sharing your stories, and discussing the science are all powerful ways we can combat climate confusion and promote positive, powerful solutions.


Spare the Air Youth is a Climate Initiatives Program


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