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What is a Suggested Route Map?

School route maps inform parents and students of traffic conditions and bicycle/pedestrian infrastructure around schools. Maps indicate the most convenient and accessible walking and bicycling routes to and from school. They also identify areas to avoid due to high traffic volumes, limited walkways, absence of controlled street crossings, and other potentially unsafe conditions.These maps may show sidewalks, off-street trails, marked crosswalks, crossing guards, and other facilities that assist students in walking or bicycling, as well as challenging intersections, sidewalk gaps, and other barriers.

Tips for Making your own Suggested Route Map

Stakeholders should collaborate on map development, potentially as part of Walking and Bicycling Audits. A mapping website, like Solano County's Safe Routes Google Map Tool, can be commented on by parents and other stakeholders to gather input on specific locations.

The National Center for Safe Routes to School offers Map-a-Route, a website where users can indicate whether a route is a good candidate for walking, bicycling, or both, and can note locations of crosswalks, stop signs, crossing guards, and traffic signals. These maps can also be used to encourage families to form Walking School Buses and Bike Trains to walk and bike to school together.