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Parent Surveys


Evaluation of the Safe Routes to School program is important to gauge program effectiveness, identify needed improvements, and support program continuity. Evaluation can measure shift in travel behavior, changes in attitudes toward biking and walking, awareness of the Safe Routes to School program, grant money received, and projects completed.

Data can tell the story of how activities​ ​and events can encourage walking,​ ​bicycling, carpooling, and riding​ ​the bus.​ The Evaluating School Commute Programs Guidebooks suggests strategies for gathering information to evaluate program effectiveness.

The National Center for Safe Routes to School has developed a recommended methodology for surveying parents. Through the Climate Initiatives Program, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission is conducting an analysis of Safe Routes to School and the program’s potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The revised parent survey forms enable an analysis of mode by how far students live from their schools. This information indicates how schools and school districts can focus their efforts to maximize shifting trips away from students being driven alone to and from school.