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Why are Liability Resources Necessary?

Liability can be a serious concern when starting a program or organizing an event. Event organizers and participants should be aware of potential safety concerns and organizers should be prepared with an emergency plan. Many useful resources make recommendations to support participant safety and protect program and event organizers from liability risks.

Learn about Liability Best Practices

The Safe Routes to School Partnership has a Liability 201 presentation which discusses liability basics, practices, supportive policies, and back up plans.

The National Center for Safe Routes to School has prepared 10 Tips for Safe Routes to School Programs and Liability, which includes important measures schools can take to minimize liability.

Change Lab Solutions has many resources on liability. They have developed Safe Routes to School: Minimizing your Liability Risk to explain why schools should support SRTS programs and to provide a check list to reduce liability for anyone running a SRTS program.

Change Lab Solutions' Volunteers and Liability: The Federal Volunteer Protection Act fact sheet provides an overview of important legal protections for volunteers.

For students who live far from school or in an unsafe area, Get Out & Get Moving is a great resource for learning about remote drop-off or "park and walk” programs.

For schools located in unsafe areas, the Crossing with Confidence fact sheet can be used to learn about implementing a crossing guard program and the steps that can be taken to reduce liability risks.

Lastly, Change Lab Solutions’ Liability Risks for After-Hours Use of Public School Property: A 50-State Survey provides a summary of state legal terms for after-hours recreational use of school property.

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