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What are Clubs?

Green teams and other school clubs are organized groups of students exploring a shared passion. Clubs are opportunities for students to get directly involved in air quality and transportation issues through their own initiative. Clubs can meet during lunchtime or after school and provide a range of activities, from learning about transportation and climate change issues, to taking actions at schools.

Interested in starting a Green Team or other Club?

Check out these Resources:

Marin County Safe Routes to Schools has a number of resources for Green Teams, including a Green Team Guide, assistance setting up a team, suggested activities and curriculum, and evaluation resources. They also have a Teens Go Green program for middle and high school students. Activities include bike clubs, sustainability days, No Cars on Campus days, Walk & Roll to School Day events, and other activities. Marin’s Teens Go Green Education Series has a great curriculum to engage middle and high school students and provides resources to start a Green Team.

The ECO2school program uses a service learning model to teach students about science-based solutions to reduce greenhouse gases. Volunteer student leaders can fulfill community service graduation requirements and build college resumes by leading school-wide and community activities. The ECO2school Program Manual presents a guide for forming a team at your school.

HASTE  is an online hub for Canadian groups taking action to reduce school transportation emissions. It is a resource and networking center that helps students, teachers and schools improve the health of individuals, communities and the environment. The four areas of focus are Information (identifying issues, learning statistics, etc.); Tools and Programs; Resources (funding sources, lesson plans, etc.); and Showcase (evaluation and sharing).

YBike offers after-school bike clubs, bicycle safety rodeos at elementary schools and community events, two-week bicycling and bicycle safety units in physical education classes, and youth and family bike classes.