Success Story: Policies that Support Safe Routes to Schools

An Interview with Wendi Kallins, Marin County Safe Routes to Schools

Tell us about your work with Safe Routes to Schools (SRTS) policies and the process for getting policies adopted by school districts.

We use the template that the California School Boards Association developed and include all of the programs and activities that the schools are currently doing, such as educational classes, task forces, and parent champions. We also include optional components that could be added to the program.

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Success Story: Palo Alto Getting to High School Event

An interview with Penny Ellson, Gunn HS Traffic Safety Representative and Member of Palo Alto Council of PTAs.

Tell us about the Getting to High School event and its audience.

This event was conceived by a Jane Lathrop Stanford [JLS] Middle School PTA Safe Routes champion and held at JLS Middle School. It was meant to show incoming students the various ways they can travel to high school and to encourage them to use more active modes such as transit, carpooling, walking, bicycling, or using a scooter.

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Leader Profile: Nora Cody

An interview with Nora Cody, Alameda County Safe Routes to Schools Director

Over 160 elementary, middle, and high schools are enrolled in the Alameda County Safe Routes to Schools (SR2S) program, which provides a variety of bicycle and pedestrian safety education and encouragement activities throughout the school year.

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Success Story: 2016 YES! Conference

On Saturday, January 30, 2016, over 250 students and professionals from around the Bay Area converged in Berkeley to learn and discuss transportation issues at the 2016 Youth for the Environment and Sustainability (YES) Conference. Attendees came from around the Bay Area, with the greatest showing from Sonoma and Contra Costa Counties.

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