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These fun and educational activities help you understand and teach others about the link between transportation and climate change. See how you can make a difference in you community by pledging to walk, bike, carpool, or take the bus.

The Bay Area has many great opportunities to learn about sustainable transportation.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by Using Sustainable Transportation

511 Contra Costa’s Going Green Activity Wheel provides 31 carbon-reducing transportation activities you can use in your daily life. The wheel log helps you determine where and when you walk, bike, or skate.

The Clean Air Primer brings home the causes and consequences of air pollution and shows how individuals can improve air quality. Students can explore the science of air pollution, its impacts, and solutions through the use of original geo-spatial movies, videos, photos, graphics, and animations.

Smog City2 is an interactive air pollution simulator from the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District that shows how environmental factors, land use decisions, and individuals’ daily choices contribute to air pollution.

The California Environmental Protection Agency Air Resources Board’s Kids Corner has many more resources on climate change and ideas for student actions.

Learn How to Walk or Bike Safely

The Inclusion and Equity in School Commute Programs Guidebook identifies potential obstacles to participation and suggests creative outreach, low-cost solutions, and flexible program implementation to overcome language and cultural barriers, safety concerns, or physical handicaps.

San Jose Street Smarts’ Street Smarts Kidz Zone helps students become transportation safety experts by playing games, taking a traffic safety pledge, and earning a Safety Expert Badge.

The Faith and Fantasia Story Book stars Faith, who saves her family from disaster in traffic everyday as Fantasia, Queen of Safety. Students and their parents can read the book together and take a traffic safety quiz for children to test parents.The book was produced by the Transportation Authority of Marin’s Safe Routes to School program.

This Walk to School Day Crossword from International Walk to School tests students’ traffic safety knowledge.