Bay Area Safe Routes to School

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The Bay Area has been a national leader in Safe Routes to School (SR2S) programs since 2000, when Marin County received one of the nation’s first pilot study grants from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In 2005, Congress established a national SR2S program, and the State of California also began its own program.

SR2S programs help achieve the region’s climate change goals required under California’s Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection Act of 2008(Senate Bill 375). Through the Climate Initiatives Program, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) established a Bay Area Safe Routes to School Program and distributed funding to the nine counties according to their school enrollment. MTC has additional information about the One Bay Area SR2S Grants for fiscal years 2012-13 through 2015-2016.

Alameda SR2SAlameda County

The Alameda County Safe Routes to Schools program is a coordinated countywide program managed by the Alameda County Transportation Commission (CTC). The program includes safety education, curriculum development, walking school buses, puppet shows, assemblies, a new high school program, and a ridesharing program. Find them on Facebook!

Contra Costa SR2SContra Costa County

511 Contra Costa's Safe Routes to School implements countywide and local programs that reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT) and green house gas emissions by increasing the share of students who walk or bicycle to their school. They accomplish this by providing safe and direct access to schools, training for students, and encouragement and information for families.

Street SmartsSan Ramon Valley Street Smarts is a traffic safety education program targeting pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers in the San Ramon Valley. Street Smarts’ efforts focus on education and outreach to over 29,000 students in grades K-12. The program’s Safe Routes to School component include efforts to encourage walking and bicycling to school. Find them on Facebook!

Street SmartsStreet Smarts Diablo is the Central and East Contra Costa County Safe Routes to School Program. Funded by a federal grant and implemented by 511 Contra Costa, the program educates pedestrians, cyclists and drivers through programs delivered at all public elementary, middle and high schools.

Street SmartsThe West Contra Costa Street Smarts Campaign is implemented by Contra Costa Health Services with the West Contra Costa Safe Communities Work Group to address traffic safety issues.

Marin sr2sMarin County

Marin County Safe Routes to School is one of the first SR2S programs in the country and has extensive curriculum and activities. The program is administered by the Transportation Authority of Marin, which uses Measure A funding for education and encouragement activities throughout the county. Find them on Facebook!

Street Smarts Marin

Marin County Street Smarts Marin is a traffic safety education and advertising program supported by the Transportation Authority of Marin and local jurisdictions throughout Marin County. The program seeks to make Marin’s streets safer and friendlier by addressing traffic problems at their source – in the minds of drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

SchoolPool Marin

SchoolPool Marin helps parents share the duties of getting childen to and from school. Options inlcude carpooling, walking school buses, bike trains, or bus buddies for school buses or public transit. A program of the Transportation Authority of Marin and Marin County Safe Routes to School, SchoolPooling saves time and money, and provides a safer way for parents to get their children to school.

Napa Co sr2sNapa County

The Napa Safe Routes to School program is administered by the Napa County Department of Education, which is initiating a safety program, developing lesson plans, and holding bike rodeos, outreach, competitions, and other activities.

SF sr2sSan Francisco County

San Francisco Safe Routes to School is implemented by the San Francisco Department of Public Health and includes bicycle and pedestrian education and Walk and Bike to School Days, as well as many other classes, events, and enforcement activities.

San Mateo sr2sSan Mateo County

The San Mateo County Office of Education is rolling out an initial pilot San Mateo Safe Routes to School program for selected schools. The program will include walking audits to evaluate existing conditions at schools throughout the county.

VTASanta Clara County

In Santa Clara County, the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) distributed SR2S funds through Vehicle Emissions Reductions Based at Schools (VERBS) grants.

TSCNThe Traffic Safe Communities Network in the Santa Clara County Public Health Department is working with the City of Sunnyvale and other areas in Santa Clara County to offer traffic safety and encouragement activities for parents and students, to conduct walkability and bikeability assessments, and to provide incentives and other resources for encouragement.

MilipitasThe City of Milpitas Suggested Routes to School program offers education about traffic safety to increase awareness and improve choices that children make as they travel to and from school.  


Santa Clara sr2sThe City of Santa Clara Safe Routes to School program is providing a toolkit of materials for all school districts, modeled on San Jose’s Street Smarts program.


Mountain ViewThe City of Mountain View initiated a five-year campaign to reduce transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions, including workshops, School Traffic Safety Rodeos, School/Family Safety Rodeos, and other educational programs, materials, and media.

Palo Alto sr2sThe Palo Alto Safe Routes to School program includes in-class education, assemblies, parent education, and encouragement programs.


San Jose sr2sThe City of San Jose’s San Jose Street Smarts program has been working since 2002 to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety. The Walk n' Roll program encourages students at select San Jose schools to walk and bike.

STA sr2sSolano County

Solano County Safe Routes to School is administered by the Solano Transportation Authority (STA), which is conducting walk audits and developing Suggested Route Maps, holding student education and safety trainings, and coordinating encouragement contests and events. View Solano County's Safe Routes to School video here.

Sonoma sr2sSonoma County

The Sonoma County Safe Routes to School program is sponsored by the Sonoma County Department of Public Health and includes bicycle rodeos, bicycle and pedestrian education, parent classes and workshops, encouragement competitions and events, and many more activities.

ECO 2 SchoolEC02school is a high school service learning program that encourages students across Sonoma County to reduce their carbon footprint by walking biking and carpooling to school.